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Lucinda Newell - The Super Sleuthing Property Rental Expert - One Woman and Her Dog

To be seen pottering along the highways and byways of Luton in her Mini Clubman, her trusted Scottie Malcolm at her side, our super sleuthing property rental expert Ms Lucinda Newell is on the case on your behalf! Last month I took a look at the history of the Olympics and here we are now with our TV screens seemingly full 24 hours a day with the exploits of the greatest athletes in the world. I love watching sport and, in our local village, a cycling club has started which now sees lots of lycra clad people out and about and enjoying the fresh air. As a well-built lady of a certain age, I have not been tempted to try and squeeze my body into such unflattering garb, although I must admit to a certain admiration for people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking to the roads on their bikes. I believe the latest acronym being used for this is MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra!) Ill own up and say that I find them quite appealing! Undoubtedly Bradley Wiggins superb victory in the Tour de France and Olympic Gold Medal has galvanised even more enthusiasm for this two wheeled exertion and when I am out walking with Malcolm I have to make sure he doesnt charge off after them as he definitely seems to think that they are there for his own entertainment. Cycling is clearly growing in popularity and I recently bought a town centre apartment as a buy to let investment which didnt have a parking space but did have two spaces in a cycle rack. Needless to say, despite my initial reservations, my friends at Lenwell had no difficulty in securing tenants who apparently cycle to work every day and are very happy there. It seems to me that cycling is a great way to travel but that it doesnt always sit comfortably with other traffic. I myself have found myself cursing under my breath in traffic at the exploits of some of the two wheel brigade who have weaved in and out of a queue of cars and other vehicles. In London, the Boris Bikes seem very popular and so perhaps our town planners and local authorities need to look at creating even more safe ways of accommodating cyclists into our towns, cities and countryside. Whilst I am not sure that I will personally be taking up cycling any time soon, although I could get a bike with a basket for Malcolm to ride in, I welcome this growing trend and especially the opportunity to see some new MAMILs in my neighbourhood! Come on Malcolm, walkies!
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