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Lucinda Newell Super-Sleuthing Property Rental Expert One Woman and Her Dog

To be seen pottering along the highways and byways of Luton in her Mini Clubman, her trusted Scottie Malcolm at her side, our super sleuthing property rental expert Ms Lucinda Newell is on the case on your behalf! As I write this column, Halloween and Guy Fawkes are looming but not yet past and yet Christmas decorations have already appeared in the shops in the town nearest to my village home. I understand the retailers desire to build awareness and activity but surely the middle of October is too early to be greeted by images of Father Christmas and reindeer when out shopping? Maybe Im getting old (and yes, I know I am!) but it seems that the promotion of Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year and that therefore, by the time it actually arrives, it is a little anti-climatic and the joyous impact is lost. Of course, the true meaning of Christmas has been diluted for years with commercial interests having kidnapped the celebrations many years ago. The early promotion of Christmas is just an example of how everything seems to be speeding up. No doubt the January sales will be being promoted before the gravy is dry on the turkey and next years summer holiday bargains will be being promoted before the New Year has even begun. Life moves so fast these days and we have become used to instant access to so much. Seasonal vegetables and fruit are now available all year long as are flowers which used to only be available in springtime. Even the weather seems to be changing with the seasons merging into each other and our distinctive winter, spring, summer and autumn becoming less distinct. I must admit that as I get older, time does actually seem to move faster. Perhaps because each year that passes represents a lesser amount of the time I have been around is a factor whereas as a child it always seemed an interminable age between birthdays, holidays and other important annual events! The internet, mobile communications, satellite television has all enriched our lives and given us access to instant information and knowledge. Even I am typing these words on a computer and was shocked to see my own handwriting the other day which had deteriorated badly through lack of practice. I love much of the progress that has been made but only hope that, in the rush for tomorrow, we dont completely forget yesterday or lose sight of what is happening all around us today. Come on Malcolm, walkies!
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